Hoist Manufacturers and Air Balancers Can Help With Spinal Damage and Lower Back Injuries!

Different Pneumatic Lift Assist Devices Can Help….HOW?

Through the dawn of time, man kind has endured many manual, back breaking tasks whether that be laborious hours on end or using their bodies in the wrong manner when lifting heavy loads. Proper positioning and posture is key when tackling these daunting tasks. Lower back injuries are extremely common and can be costly for not only for the employee but also the employer.

Over the years, many types of lift assist devices have evolved including air balancers for repetitive heavy lifting, self-leveling pallet carousels, adjustable carts, pallet stackers, platform lifts and the list goes on.

The rigorous strain that is placed on your back when enduring manual back breaking work can be prevented with a variety of devices including Air Balancers. Read the full case study that was issued through the MHI Association on behalf of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Case Study. Here at Tri-Motion Industries we pride ourselves on producing top of the line air balancers that help with these arduous tasks, reduce operate fatigue and downtime associated with back injuries. We look forward to working with you on your next repetitive lifting application.

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