Drop Stop® Load Arrestors

Function: Arrest Accidental Free-Fall Of Loads On Product Or Machinery

Applications: Protects Heavy Components/Assemblies, Raw Materials & Machinery

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Tri-Motion Drop Stop Load Arrestors work on the principle of inertia. Inertia is the same principle used in car seat belt systems. Drop-Stops® are used as a back-up device to the Bal-Trol® pneumatic hoist or in any other situation where a suspended load, tool, fixture or other heavy object could potentially fall and injure workers or damage valuable equipment or machinery.

The load arrester's spring tensioned cable is connected to the load. The device senses a fall when the connected object's downward movement speed exceeds the lock-on inertia rate and the Drop Stop® arrests the fall.


  • Shock Absorbing Systems
  • Brake Indicator Button
  • Sturdy Rigid Design
  • Portable
  • Self Retracting Steel Cable

We Strongly Recommend The Use Of Drop-Stop® On All Overhead Load Applications. Capacities From 300 pounds To 3,300 pounds. Other Models Available.

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