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Bal-Trol Hoists®

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Greatly reduce operator fatigue and physical stress related injuries.

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Over 8 styles of pneumatic hoist controls "single and dual acting"!

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Protect Heavy Components

Arrest accidental free-fall of loads on product or machinery.

What is the Bal-Trol®?

The Bal-Trol pneumatic hoist is an air-powered device that can be used to balance or lift a load. For quieter, smoother, and more maintenance-free operation, the Bal-Trol cable hoists should be considered in place of applications using chain hoists (air or electric) or other lifting methods— and especially in place of back-breaking manual lifting!

The Bal-Trol is a simple, cost-effective solution for workplace lifting injuries, especially from repetitive lifting. It can make the workplace more efficient by allowing a single worker to perform an operation that would otherwise require assistance in manually lifting a heavy load.

The Bal-Trol pneumatic hoist is ideal for high-cycle applications, or where precise control is desired without overheating. The Bal-Trol hoist is simple to operate. It contains no expensive electronic components, and has no computer parts that can fail or require reprogramming.

The Bal-Trol hoist is time-tested. It has been used for many years in a variety of applications, in diverse industries, all over the world, including automotive, brewing, military hardware, glass manufacturing, food product manufacturing and processing, to name just a few.

The Bal-Trol hoist and an ever-expanding range of controls have been manufactured in the United States for over 40 years by Tri-Motion Industries, Inc. We are proud of our commitment to quality and our durable product line. Some of the very first units we manufactured over 40 years ago are still in service! Tri-Motion Industries, Inc. is ISO-certified and Bal-Trol products are available through distributors throughout the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

A Quality Pneumatic Hoist

Tri-Motion Industries is proud to offer a wide range of ergonomically designed pneumatic hoists and air balancers for repetitive lifting applications. They have controls that create ergonomic solutions for workforce efficiency and opportunities where workplace safety topics are key!

Our controls, when used in conjunction with our Bal-Trol air balancing hoists, can provide you with multiple options when a repetitive lifting problem needs to be addressed.

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