Hoist Controls For Overhead Material Handling Equipment

Determine ideal control. Are you looking for lift assistance, e.g., “picking and placing”? For lift assistance check out the SensiTouch ® and Speed Handle Controls. Are you looking to balance a load, i.e., rendering a load “weightless”? See our more than 8 styles of pneumatic hoist controls "single and dual acting"!

Hoist Control Models

Sensi-Touch® Controls

(S and SL Series) Application: Load Hook Is Directly Under Control. Used For Pick and Place Applications.

Pendant Handle Controls

(H, PH and SH Series) Application: Control Is Remote From Load. Used For Loading & Unloading Objects Of All Sizes. Allows A Worker To Lift Objects Remote From Load or Fixture.

Balance Controls

(B Series) Application: A Constant Weight Is Supported From Load Hook. Balancers Give A Degree Of Weightlessness To The Suspended Load While Allowing Mobility.

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