Bal-Trol Models of "Air Hoists"

The Bal-Trol is an ideal air balancer for various applications, features over 8 different types of control packages to choose from and all units have a range of "float" 4-6 inches up or down. Selection is made on the following important criteria:

1. WEIGHT (What Bal-Trol will Need to Lift)

2. APPLICATION (Type of Control Required)

  • BALANCER - When a tool or fixture must be virtually weightless.
  • SENSI-TOUCH® - Pick & Place application for loads small in size.
  • SPEED HANDLE - Pick & Place application for large loads.
  • MULTI-BALANCE - Select when a Bal-Trol® requires a fixture plus multiple loads.

3. SPACE REQUIRED FOR MOUNTING - Four styles to select:

  • FULL CAPACITY UNITS offer 1:1 ratio, these units are dimensionally longer than modular units.
  • MODULAR UNITS when mounting space is limited.
  • PRO-AIR UNITS when mounting space is very limited.
  • SINGLE MOUNT UNITS still has same headroom as horizontal units but has only 1 single mounting point.

For All Your Repetitive Lifting Applications

• Greatly Reduces Operator Fatigue and Physical Stress Related Injuries.
• Simple to Operate.
• Made to Order - Travels from 1 Foot to 30 Feet or More.
• Stock Sizes Available.
• Contains No Expensive Electronic Components or Computer Parts to Fail, Overheat, Have Moisture Damage or Require Reprogramming.

• Ergonomic Solution For Work Force Efficiency And Safety For The Workplace.
• Each Model Offers A Wide Range Of Lifting Capabilities.
• Each Model Offers A Range Of "Float" 4-6 Inches Up Or Down.
• Easy To Install And Maintain - Field Repairable.
• Ideal for all Types of Repetitive Pick and Place Applications.

Bal-Trol Models

Single Mount Balancers


Modular Ratio Balancers

Full Capacity Balancers

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