Sensi-Touch® (S) (SL) Balancer Controls

The load hook is directly under the control handle. This lift assist is used for pick and place applications. Enables objects to be loaded and unloaded. The range of “float” allows for precise placement without damaging product or machine.


Sensi-Touch Balancer Controls have a range of FLOAT (or balance) of 4 to 6 inches. This allows the operator to move load within a couple of inches of drop off point, remove hands from the control so that the part can be maneuvered in place and then release.

  • SPEED: These controls allow for variable speeds. Gentle pressure causes a slow gradual movement. Increased pressure causes faster movement. Smooth travel movement is consistent throughout travel.
  • SPEED ADJUSTMENTS are easily handled with no additional tools required. All up speed is adjusted by turning the flow control on the manifold (located on the Bal-Trol ®). Down speed is adjusted at the control handle.
  • SAFETY: Loss of air pressure will not result in load dropping. Bal-Trol ® will keep load in place. Once the load is in place, it may be removed from the hook after releasing the air pressure in the unit.
  • OPERATION: A thumb ring at the top of the Controls provides better control on the upstroke. For the downstroke simply pull down on the control.

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