Tri-Motion Joins MHI Association

As America’s largest material handling, supply chain and logistics association, the Material Handling Institute has grown by enormous leaps and bounds since its founding in 1945. Initially created as a way to improve and promote the whole of the industry, MHI began with great ambitions, forming its now signature show, ProMat, only three years later in 1948.

The original mission of MHI is still in place today. By allowing its members and affiliates to form groups to represent specific market sectors, MHI quickly rose in prominence, posting an expansion in the 80s of over three times their then current roster of hundreds of different companies. It was also during this decade MHI restructured itself internally to professionally manage marketing, legal, education, technical and fiduciary aspect, officially crossing the threshold from start-up to professional player in the industry.

The current years have come to exhibit the incoming changes MHI is ready to take on. While traditional equipment is still the prime feature of this steadfast industry, steps are being taken to ensure the seamless integration of such modern marvels as bar coding, automated storage and retrieval, smart machines and automatically guided machines. Already their booths and members are starting to display this inevitable shift. Such foresight has also allowed them to continue their expansion seemingly uninterrupted. In 2012, they launched their newest expo, MODEX, and now have it trading off every other year with their ever popular ProMat.

Enter Tri-Motion Industries, the Florida-based leader in our unique brand of pneumatically powered and ergonomically designed lifters and balancers. More specifically, we are the manufacturers of the “Bal-Trol®” air balancing hoist. Derived from “balance and control”, this ingenious invention is the cost-effective and dependable way to keep workers safe from repetitive lifting injuries. To further extend our reach to the manufacturing world, we are proud to announce our recent membership in the MHI.

Aside from the prestige that comes with joining such a successful collection of leaders in the industry, we are now able to extend our brand’s reach even further. Just this past year alone we hosted our own booth at MODEX 2014. There are even similar expos now available to us outside of the US as we further work to expand our name. In addition to public exposure, we are positioned to join the specialized group specific to lifters and balancers. This extends our reach as one of the main voices behind our industry, allowing us an inside voice in regards to continually upping and maintaining brand standards, specifications and safety.

As far as online presence goes, we now also have a listing in their directory which can be searched by those in the public looking for experts in their field as well as other members. Exclusive conferences and meetings ensure we get personal exposure to other members to not only strengthen but create more ties between other leaders. MHI also provides us with only the best media contacts to help us get our news to the public by way of national newspapers, trade publications and business journals. Best of all, however, are the quarterly releases put together by the MHI experts. By tracking, organizing and presenting the data in both the Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Forecast and the Annual Rate of Change Workbook, we can more accurately predict the fluctuations of the market and adjust our current and future strategy accordingly.

This union between Tri-Motion Industries and MHI is the next step in our progression toward a better tomorrow. From increased exposure to more opportunities in America and abroad, we are poised on the precipice of our next stage of growth. By taking advantage of the newest chances available to us, we will be able to better serve our customers through improvements in every facet of our company. Tri-Motion is proud to be one of the many successful members of the MHI and looks forward to many more incredible years.

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