The New Single Mount Pneumatic Balancer

See The Difference In Our Bal-Trol® Product Line!

The Bal-Trol is a pneumatic balancer capable of balancing a load in a virtual zero-gravity state using pressurized air, hence the term “pneumatic balancer”. The Bal-Trol pneumatic balancer is available in a number of different configurations. The newest model is the Single Mount configuration which, as its name implies, only requires a single mounting point even though the tube orientation is horizontal. All of the earlier models with horizontal tube orientations required two mounting points, so the Single Mount model is the first of its kind in that respect. The arrangement is similar to the canister type hoists made by our competitors, but the Single Mount pneumatic balancer is not a canister design at all — it is still based on the same principles of the earlier Bal-Trol pneumatic balancers. The competitors’ models can have expensive electronic components which could be a real problem if they fail, overheat, have moisture damage, or require reprogramming. However the Bal-Trol pneumatic balancer is 100% pneumatic, and does not utilize any electronics. Check out our new line Single Mount Pneumatic Balancer.

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