Celebrating Ann’s Retirement From The Air Balancer Industry!

Retirement Party For Ann From The Air Balancer Industry

You may have talked to Ann Boyce over the years in customer service regarding an air balancer. Many of you can attest to her extensive knowledge regarding our Air Balancer product line and have come to rely on her regularly. After almost 20 years of service, Ann will be retiring from the Tri-Motion family on September 11, 2015. Her tenure and dedication to our product line is a statement to what we stand for. Building a quality air balancer and long term relationships are what we believe in at Tri-Motion Industries. Ann’s in depth knowledge and expertise will truly be missed. We recently celebrated this joyous occasion and reflected on all the good times over the years. Please wish Ann a happy retirement if you speak with her before she leaves and know that all of us here at Tri-Motion Industries are dedicated to helping with your air balancer needs!

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