Announcing the NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist

TAMPA, Fla., (March 2, 2015) – The NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist (U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending) from Tri-Motion Industries provides yet another mounting option in the already diverse collection of Bal-Trol® Air Balancers. This addition to the Bal-Trol® line-up allows for a single mounting point and consumes much less overhead space while retaining the compact footprint of the current Pro-Air Series.

Tri-Motion Industries has a track record of bringing new products to market that respond to its customers’ needs. For example, in 2009, it successfully launched the NEW Bal-Trol® Pro-Air Series. This unit is considerably more compact than the Modular Series, with simple operating procedures and low maintenance costs.

The NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Series features a single mounting point like the vertical Bal-Trol® but occupies much less overhead space, similar to the horizontal Bal-Trol®. This gives users another option when the use of a repetitive lifting device is required in a confined work space.

“Tri-Motion is proud to continue to expand its product offerings with the innovative design provided by the NEW Single Mount Pro-Air Series,” said Company President Joseph Green. “We are especially excited by the additional versatility and mounting options the new series will provide for our customers.”

About the Bal-Trol Product Bal-Trol® is a pneumatic device that can be used to balance or lift a load. For quieter, smoother and more maintenance-free operation, the Bal-Trol® should be considered in place of applications using chain hoists (air or electric) or other lifting methods—and especially in place of back-breaking manual lifting! Bal-Trols have a range of “float” (or balance) of 4 – 6 inches. The user can remove their hands from the control so that the part can be maneuvered into place and then released.

The Bal-Trol® is a simple, cost-effective solution for preventing workplace lifting injuries, especially from repetitive lifting. It can permit users to make the workplace more efficient by allowing a single worker to perform an operation that would otherwise require assistance in manually lifting a heavy load. Bal-Trol® air balancers are time-tested. They have been in use for over 35 years in a variety of applications, in diverse industries, all over the world. These include automotive, aeronautical, brewing, military hardware, window manufacturing, and food product manufacturing and processing.

More details and information can be found on our website under the Bal-Trol Hoist Model tab!

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