The Benefits of Ergonomic Interventions

How Tri-Motion Air Balancing Hoists Can Help!

“Manual material handling (MMH) is the top reason for workers compensation claims and lost time injuries,” stated Jim Galante, chairman of MHI’s Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE). Most of these claims are related to the lower and upper back, which are among the most expensive claims. Ergonomic intervention programs can significantly reduce those incidents. New equipment, designed to make lifting easier, can make the workplace safer and more efficient. If your existing equipment is no longer appropriate for the newer materials or processes involved, ergonomic issues and product inefficiencies can be the result.

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Visit Tri-Motion at Modex 2018

Come Visit Us At Our Pneumatic Hoist Booth 4070 At MODEX 2018 Show April 9-12, 2018 In Atlanta, GA!

Tri-Motion Industries is proud to be an exhibiting our product line. Displaying a variety of pneumatic hoist and controls for you to have a hands on experience using them. We are a firm believer that once one tries a Bal-Trol unit and understands the ergonomic possibilities they offer, movement range, weight capacity and user friendly design, it increases the desire for use. It will be a perfect enhancement to a safer production and more productive work force staff. Our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoist and controls are solid machines than can work in a variety of environments and temperatures.

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What Is Material Handling, Principles and How It Is Used?

Material Handling Overview

The term “material handling” usually refers to the various processes by which objects or materials are safely moved and stored. These processes are usually found throughout all stages of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, utilization and disposal. As a procedure, material handling consolidates an extensive variety of manual, semi-mechanized and automated gear and frameworks that help coordinate the supply chain. An organization's material handling system and procedures are set up to enhance client benefit, diminish stock, abbreviate conveyance time, and lower general expenses in assembling, circulation and transportation.

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Tri-Motion's Quest In Repetitive Lifting

Finding The Right Lifting Heights Without Injury!

Material handling can be a dangerous prospect. As indicated by a current report by The Travelers Companies, Inc. see full report, material handling is the most common reason for physical injury in the work environment. Their Injury Impact Report studied more than 1.5 million workers compensation claims from 2010 to 2014. At the highest priority on the rundown was material handling, making up 32 percent of the aggregate cases.

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Why Tri-Motion Air Balancing Hoists Can Help!

Even though warehouses and factories are becoming more automated, manual material handling (MMH) is still useful, and even required in some applications. To reduce the possibility of injuries to workers from the repetitive movements required in manual material handling implies organizations must consider ergonomic intercessions. Two main considerations affect the need to enhance manual material handling strategies: the accessible pool of employees and market requests.

The workforce, on average, is becoming older. In 1972, the arithmetic mean age of U.S. laborers was 28 years of age, and today it is 46 years of age. The quantity of workers ages 45 and over has been multiplied by a factor of two since 1950. AARP says the number of workers who are 55 or older is anticipated to ascend to 25 million this year, and 32 million in the year 2025.

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Great American Teach-In

Bal-Trol® Air Balancers In Action!

We recently were given the opportunity to demonstrate our Tri-Motion air balancers with 7th and 8th graders at Plato Academy for the Great America Teach_In See Video . With 90+ kids, the room was energized with excitement to see something new and they have never seen anything like it! We had a live working demo for them to test and experience the beauty of air balancers. The ability to make objects weightless and move with ease, preventing back injuries and down time in manufacturing is key. They were able to see first hand how air balancers can improve productivity and reduce workplace injuries. We appreciate the time allowed to open new minds to the ergonomic world, for more information on Bal-Trol® air balancers See Full Product Line.

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The New P20 Series Is Finally Here!

Tri-Motion's Latest 500LB Air Hoist Innovation

We proudly announce the NEW P20 air balancing hoist is in stock and ready for sale. Units are selling quickly and customers are excited about this newest innovation. This adds to our already diverse product line giving customers yet another option for their applications. This new 500 pound capacity Pro-Air hoist was designed to fill in the gap between the 300 and 600 pound units already offered. The new models PH20 and PV20 are both rated as follows:




With a cable with a tensile strength of 4200 pounds, there is a safety factor of at least 7-to-1. The M12 DIN580 metric eyebolts are rated for 750 pounds safe working load, (with the safety factor already built in). Other features include 1/2-14 NPT ports for unrestricted air flow in both the up and down directions. Hard anodized aluminum tube and black anodized components provide strength, corrosion resistance, as well as an elegant appearance. Works with our existing hoist control line for both load-balancing and pick-and-place applications.

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Tri-Motion Proudly Announces Latest Air Balancing Innovation!

Coming this fall, the new P20 air balancer adds to our already diverse product line giving customers yet another option for their applications. Designed to fill in the gap between the 300 and 600 pound units already offered, the new models PH20 and PV20 are both rated as follows:




With a cable with a tensile strength of 4200 pounds, there is a safety factor of at least 7-to-1. The M12 DIN580 metric eyebolts are rated for 750 pounds safe working load, (with the safety factor already built in). Other features include 1/2-14 NPT ports for unrestricted air flow in both the up and down directions. Hard anodized aluminum tube and black anodized components provide strength, corrosion resistance, as well as an elegant appearance. Works with our existing hoist control for both pick-and-place and load-balancing applications. For more information on this latest air balancing series, contact us at 813-884-6600.

Posted on 07/28/2016 by Tri-Motion Industries

Air Balancers vs. Chain Hoists, Why Choose Tri-Motion and What Is The Difference?

There are a number of differences between air balancers and chain hoists. In this article, we will evaluate those differences and the operational features that might make one a better choice for a particular Application.

Perhaps the most important difference is that air balancers offer a feature called “float,” whereas chain hoists generally do not offer any float. “Float” is a term which means that a suspended load has some freedom to be manually moved up or down from its current position, without having to activate the up or down levers on the control. All of our Tri-Motion air balancers have this range of "float" see full line of air balancers.

Posted on 03/22/2016 by Tri-Motion Industries

Trust The Leaders In Pneumatic Hoists!

Compare Benefits Of Our Pneumatic Hoists To The Competitors

Here at Tri-Motion Industries we offer a variety of Pneumatic Hoists to choose from and have been manufacturing quality Made in the USA pneumatic hoists for over 35 years. We recently launched our newest air balancer called the SM Series or Single Mount air balancer. This new SM Series Single Mount rounds out the Bal-Trol selection of pneumatic hoists that we have to offer and can accommodate almost every application a customer may have. Our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoists come in a range of weight capacities and also price ranges to fit any budget. See the Benefits of our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoists compared to our competitors and you will see why we are the preferred choice. We look forward to working with you on your next air balancer or pneumatic hoist application.

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From The Leaders In Air Balancers, Happy Halloween!

Tri-Motion Industries is proud to offer quality air balancers all throughout the year. That is no trick and you can count on this treat time and time again. We offer a variety of Air Balancers for you to choose from and a variety of price ranges to fit your customer’s application. We wish you a Happy Halloween and look forward to “treating” you on a regular basis!

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Come Check Out Our Pneumatic Hoist Booth At The Indoff Show In St. Louis, MO!

Tri-Motion Industries is proud to be an exhibiting vendor at the National 2015 Indoff Vendor Show October 23. We will be displaying a variety of pneumatic hoist and controls for you to review. We will even have a live working pneumatic hoist demo that you can try for yourself. Our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoist and controls are solid work horses that hold up in the best or even the worst environments. See why our pneumatic hoist and controls stands out from our competitors. Come visit us in booth #711 and speak with John Schiestl, our National Sales Manager. We look forward to working with you on your next pneumatic hoist application Application Examples.

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The New Single Mount Pneumatic Balancer

See The Difference In Our Bal-Trol® Product Line!

The Bal-Trol is a pneumatic balancer capable of balancing a load in a virtual zero-gravity state using pressurized air, hence the term “pneumatic balancer”. The Bal-Trol pneumatic balancer is available in a number of different configurations. The newest model is the Single Mount configuration which, as its name implies, only requires a single mounting point even though the tube orientation is horizontal. All of the earlier models with horizontal tube orientations required two mounting points, so the Single Mount model is the first of its kind in that respect. The arrangement is similar to the canister type hoists made by our competitors, but the Single Mount pneumatic balancer is not a canister design at all -- it is still based on the same principles of the earlier Bal-Trol pneumatic balancers.

Posted on 09/25/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

How Can A Bal-Trol® Air Balancer Hoist Help Reduce Operate Fatigue And Prevent Workplace Injuries?

In manual bag palletizing operations, the effects of operator position, palletizing condition, and pallet orientation on low back loads was recently documented in the published article From ResearchGate. Study after study show whether you are lifting bags, boxes, heavy objects or finished goods like should take the utmost concern for your safety and use best practices when lifting heavy loads. Our Bal-Trol air balancer hoist can help with many applications where lifting heavy objects can be of worker threat. An air balancer hoist can assist with a variety of applications such as pick and place, constant weight balancing, or remote from load.

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Want Quality Pneumatic Hoists You Can Trust And Rely On Time After Time?

See Why Tri-Motion Industries Leads The Pack Of Hoist Manufacturers In Pneumatic Hoists!

Here at Tri-Motion Industries we take pride in producing quality, USA made pneumatic hoists. We buy top of the line products to manufacture our pneumatic hoists which include Parker seals and fittings, just to name a few. We offer a 2 year warranty to back all of our quality pneumatic hoists and has been leading hoist manufacturers for over 35 years. Plus we also provide a friendly, easily accessible customer service department unlike other big name brand competitors that are difficult to work with. We look forward to working with you on your next application for pneumatic hoists!

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Celebrating Ann's Retirement From The Air Balancer Industry!

You may have talked to Ann Boyce over the years in customer service regarding an air balancer. Many of you can attest to her extensive knowledge regarding our Air Balancer product line and have come to rely on her regularly. After almost 20 years of service, Ann will be retiring from the Tri-Motion family on September 11, 2015. Her tenure and dedication to our product line is a statement to what we stand for. Building a quality air balancer and long term relationships are what we believe in at Tri-Motion Industries. Ann's in depth knowledge and expertise will truly be missed. We recently celebrated this joyous occasion and reflected on all the good times over the years. Please wish Ann a happy retirement if you speak with her before she leaves and know that all of us here at Tri-Motion Industries are dedicated to helping with your air balancer needs!

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See The Benefits Of A Pneumatic Lift Assist Device From Tri-Motion Industries

As with any work environment, analyzing the production output and getting feedback from employees are key to finding out where there is opportunity for improvement. Slow output, fatigued employees and more back injuries could be reduced greatly with a pneumatic lift assist device. A pneumatic lift assist device can range from a variety of material handling equipment like pneumatic hoists, pallet lifters, adjustable pallet stackers and lifting tables.

Posted on 08/13/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Hoist Manufacturers and Air Balancers Can Help With Spinal Damage and Lower Back Injuries!

Different Pneumatic Lift Assist Devices Can Help....HOW?

Through the dawn of time, man kind has endured many manual, back breaking tasks whether that be laborious hours on end or using their bodies in the wrong manner when lifting heavy loads. Proper positioning and posture is key when tackling these daunting tasks. Lower back injuries are extremely common and can be costly for not only for the employee but also the employer. Over the years, many types of lift assist devices have evolved including air balancers for repetitive heavy lifting, self-leveling pallet carousels, adjustable carts, pallet stackers, platform lifts and the list goes on.

Posted on 08/06/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Celebrating Independence Day!!!

We want to wish you a Safe and Happy 4th of July, from our Tri-Motion family to yours! The Fourth of July is a spectacular day: fireworks, picnics and music all in the name of our country's freedom. We greatly appreciate all of our distributors and customers for continuing to help make us leaders in the pneumatic hoist and air balancer industry! So while you are enjoying time with your family and friends, here is some trivia to share.

  • Birthday Celebrations Abound! Calvin Coolidge, the country's 30th president, was born on Independence Day. Others celebrating birthdays on July Fourth include, Nobel laureate and economist Gerard Debreu, Olympic gold medalist and tennis Hall of Famer Pam Shriver, "Ugly Betty" actress Becki Newton and current first daughter Malia Obama
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Do you say pneumatic hoist or air balancer?

With the ever so growing nature of the World Wide Web, we find that people have many different ways to say and research a product they are looking for. An engineer may call it a pneumatic hoist but a purchasing agent uses the term air balancer. Different parts of the world also reflect different terms to which they are used to in their specific regions. No matter how you say it, here at Tri-Motion Industries, we are proud to offer quality air balancers and ergonomic lift assist devices to fit almost any application. You might identify with some of these key phrases, call us today with your pneumatic lift assist needs.

Posted on 06/19/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Eliminate Repetitive Lifting With A Pneumatic Hoist!

Eliminating repetitive lifting in the workplace can save a company thousands of dollars. When a worker injures his/her back or shoulders, and can no longer work during recovery, the expenses incurred can add up quickly. The company usually has to cover these expenses.

Bal-Trol cable hoists are perfect lift assist devices and are specifically designed to eliminate these work related injuries.

Posted on 05/07/2015

Announcing the NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist

TAMPA, Fla., (March 2, 2015) - The NEW SM Single Mount Pro-Air Balancing Hoist (U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending) from Tri-Motion Industries provides yet another mounting option in the already diverse collection of Bal-Trol® Air Balancers. This addition to the Bal-Trol® line-up allows for a single mounting point and consumes much less overhead space while retaining the compact footprint of the current Pro-Air Series.

Posted on 03/09/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries


Hands on Operation of a Bal-Trol® for 30 Days, in Your Plant!

Tri-Motion Industries will ship a unit at no charge to a qualified end user. A purchase order number is required for our tracking purposes from the distributor and at the end of the 30 day trial, if the customer does not think it is a good fit for their application, then simply return the unit back to us at their cost. This trial period will allow the operator time to experience how well they work! Tri-Motion Industries has a variety of Bal-Trol ® units from 40 lbs. capacity to 1200 lbs. capacity.

Posted on 02/12/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Re-designed Bal-Trol a Full One-Third Shorter, Same Capacity!

Who says you can’t invent a better mousetrap? Tri-Motion is proud to have recently launched a new totally re-designed Bal-Trol (we call it the “Pro Series”) that achieves a one-third reduction in tube length! What is even more amazing about this development is that the re-designed product has the same capacity as the existing product and less parts, despite the shorter tube length.

Posted on 01/30/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Tri-Motion Joins MHI Association

As America’s largest material handling, supply chain and logistics association, the Material Handling Institute has grown by enormous leaps and bounds since its founding in 1945. Initially created as a way to improve and promote the whole of the industry, MHI began with great ambitions, forming its now signature show, ProMat, only three years later in 1948. The original mission of MHI is still in place today. By allowing its members and affiliates to form groups to represent specific market sectors, MHI quickly rose in prominence, posting an expansion in the 80s of over three times their then current roster of hundreds of different companies. It was also during this decade MHI restructured itself internally to professionally manage marketing, legal, education, technical and fiduciary aspect, officially crossing the threshold from start-up to professional player in the industry.

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2014 Year in Review

In looking back at 2014, we had another successful year in all divisions. We had a wonderful Christmas party with all of our Greenco/Duramaster/Tri-Motion/Load Halt family and .....

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How to minimize back injuries in the workplace

Check out our new infographic!

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