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Here at Tri-Motion Industries we offer a variety of Pneumatic Hoists to choose from and have been manufacturing quality Made in the USA pneumatic hoists for over 35 years. We recently launched our newest air balancer called the SM Series or Single Mount air balancer. This new SM Series Single Mount rounds out the Bal-Trol selection of pneumatic hoists that we have to offer and can accommodate almost every application a customer may have. Our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoists come in a range of weight capacities and also price ranges to fit any budget. See the Benefits of our Bal-Trol pneumatic hoists compared to our competitors and you will see why we are the preferred choice. We look forward to working with you on your next air balancer or pneumatic hoist application.

Posted on 11/13/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries

Demo Program


Hands on Operation of a Bal-Trol® for 30 Days, in Your Plant!

Tri-Motion Industries will ship a unit at no charge to a qualified end user. A purchase order number is required for our tracking purposes from the distributor and at the end of the 30 day trial, if the customer does not think it is a good fit for their application, then simply return the unit back to us at their cost. This trial period will allow the operator time to experience how well they work!

Tri-Motion Industries has a variety of Bal-Trol ® units from 40 lbs. capacity to 1200 lbs. capacity. The majority of pick and place applications are from 40 lbs. - 300 lbs. and have an average of 6 feet of hook travel. We offer a variety of controls from “in-line” controls, such as the Slim-Line and Sensi-touch ® controls for close in operation and our pendant controls for remote operation. All units can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A popular example is a PH06/4-6-SL. This is a horizontal mounted unit with 125 lb. capacity, 6 feet of travel and a Slim-Line Sensi-Touch ® control. All units operate on 80 PSI compressed air, plus all have float and adjustable speed.

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Posted on 02/12/2015 by Tri-Motion Industries